How do I create a project?

By listening, listening and listening to my client. The project starts when the client welcome’s me to sit and share with me, their aspirations, dreams and their needs.


How do I define SPACE in the Universe of Interiors?


For me, it is a physical closure area with a consistent concept produced by structures and functions, in the most varied forms, acting (producing) on the human being, an interaction of energies within a variety of cultural means.



A very important tool in the universe of interiors, once it plays a complex role because it brings and involves psychological behavioral factors that affect physically the body, and the state and symptoms of the mind.


All my projects take into account my structured practice as an anthropologist specialized in “Space” and it’s “Differentiated Use”. De-constructing and constructing philosophies of spaces through a thorough evaluation of the Cultural Patterns , participant observation, field work, research and ethnography.


With all of this embodied, we build, design and produce the space accordingly to the client’s Profile.